Steel of Tasril

Strange book found in the cultists lair

A strange book the size of a small journal was found in the lair of the cultists. On the cover reads the words “The Rite of Return”. Inside, an eerie message is written in common:

Out of our defeat shall we rise and triumph and the dark gods shall rise once more and reclaim their due and all our enemies shall tremble and choke and burn before us and history shall be written anew. Our magnificence shall blind the traitors and heretics and our triumph shall usher in a new era of glory and terror. Open the gate and unleash the forces of hell onto earth.

The Deceiver’s light must be swallowed by the night; the time when her power is weakest. The sacrament must be performed in the darkest of nights, when the forces of darkness are strongest. Bring the god child to the gate and it shall be shattered. The chosen one must be of the purest blood and ready for the baptism of liquid fire. (S)He is the one that will live on eternally as a god. The chosen one of brilliance shall turn into the demise of all light and all those who looked for their salvation shall find only torture and death. The darkness shall be eternal, and all the feral places shall turn to chaos.

The barrier between planes is weakest at the site of the gate; the place where the gods of the night and fire were betrayed and cast into damnation. It is there where the flames will burn the hottest and our prison shall be shattered. It is there that the blood of gods and the souls of men must be spilt. The souls of a thousand murderers must be shepherded to that unholy place and their wrath and sins shall be the hammer that shatters the iron of our prison. Deep beneath the most ancient and unholy city lies the gate of our prison, the gate of hell.

Bring also the weapon of the Mage, the most unholy and reviled staff that was used to seal our prison. It is the key that shall free us of our chains. Then shall it be used against the elf and he shall burn and writhe and wilt under its power. All the elves are cursed to burn with their patron. They are the most hated of all peoples. Devils and ghouls and rats shall feast of the flesh of all elves and their women shall be raped and their children shall be eaten by locusts. All elves shall die and their dark brothers shall not escape. They shall be hunted down wherever they hide and destroyed for they are traitors.

Dwarves shall fare no better. The Dwarf god shall be cut into twelve pieces and fed to the flames. All the mountains of the earth shall crumble, and the dwarves shall be turned to salt and rock and ashes. Men shall tremble and weep and die. All the walls of men shall crumble, and the Protector shall be devoured. The Sun and the Moon shall both die and all the world shall be bathed in fire and blackness. All who opposed us shall die and weep for their people.

I shall not rest until I am free and my vengeance is given to me. Rest not my servants, for I watch you always and I will remember he who served me best when I return. Sons of pestilence, I have shown you the way. Rest not until you have finished this task.

The rest of the pages are filled with runes and drawings and lines of gibberish. Their meaning cannot be deciphered.



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