Steel of Tasril

Month 3

I’m going to start this story part way through but hopefully it will help you follow. Bolded text is from Soviliss’ Journal

Month 3, Week 1

Its been 3 weeks since I had a good nights sleep. Maybe its knowing in the back of my mind that there are those much more powerful than us who would want us dead if only they knew our purpose. Maybe it my slightly unexplainable fanatic resolve to see this cult destroyed. More recently maybe its because I’m stuck on a fucking Island and if is experience has taught me anything water can be more dangerous than steel. In our short history, since we started out on our journey towards the riches of the north, much more dangerous. Maybe its all that together, but what I truly think it is, is the dream. The same dream I have every night, me swimming towards a hole in the boat, never getting there, swimming, swimming, until everything turns black, and knowing it was over.

- Discovered Mage’s study with partially completed flying boat and ritual for its completion

- He had two very elven-looking pleasure zombies (something about knowing the were zombies weirded me out)

- Found he used to have flying pets (and quite many of them)

- Found a captured demon (left him there, remember to tell church when I get to Tasril)

- 4 Ghost workers have been repeating the same tasks for the last 70 years (boat needs 2 weeks work). They attacked us when they found out they were ghosts.

Rage Drakes almost ready to ride. Arina doing ok. Saved a noble woman , she’s a bitch. Captain didn’t believe in ghosts. Neither did crew.



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